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  • Tours (238)

  • Short educational tours through various areas of Ancient Egypt.
  • All My Favorites (39)

  • Here are a select few with descriptions that are my favorite of the bunch.
  • Gods (167)

  • Right now we have only your major deities but many more to be coming!
  • Jewelry and Pottery (84)

  • Gold, Jewels, Rings, and so much more!
  • KMT Covers (17)

  • Hands down the best magazine covering Egypt.
  • Landscape (1126)

  • Try and find someone that has never heard of a pyramid, but have you seen everything else?
  • Lithographs (151)

  • Some wonderful original artwork inspired by Egypt.
  • Millenium Concert (41)

  • Great photos from the Jean-Michel Jarre Millenium Concert at Giza
  • Mummification (157)

  • How often is it that you can be face to face with a KING?!?!
  • Paintings (120)

  • Simply beautiful, they have lasted over 4000 years!!!
  • Papyrus (81)

  • Samples of Egyptian writings yes there is even an alphabet here!
  • Pharaohs (148)

  • They were half-human half-God or so the people thought, look at their legacy.
  • Stone works (321)

  • How did they do this?
  • Wood (68)

  • Stone was most often considered their masterpiece but they were carpenters as well.

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