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Top Selling Books

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Books on this list are grouped by the intended audience:

  • Teacher Guides (usually contain lesson plans, activity ideas, and background info.)
  • Young readers (appropriate for grades 3 to 6)
  • Middle School (appropriate for grades 6 to 8)
  • For kids, but adults would also appreciate (grade 6 to adult)
  • High school and beyond (serious Egyptologists!)



Egyptians - Maya - Minoans
Susanna Matthies
ISBN: 0881601225

Thirty-two pages of the book are dedicated to teaching Egypt. Includes: pre- and post-tests; bulletin board ideas; learning center ideas; and many short (one page) reproducible reading assignments with suggested activities.


Ancient Egypt
Ruth Akamine Wassynger
ISBN: 059089644X

Has background info, activities, and projects on Egyptian geography, history, life and death, pyramids, and King Tut. There are things to copy and cut out (like a hieroglyphic numbers translator), a list of web sites, and a poster of Egypt.

A Coloring Book of Ancient Egypt

Fifty-two scenes from wall paintings, reliefs, and papyri to color. Xerox them so you don't ruin the book-- or even put them up with an overhead projector and have kids trace them for tomb-sized art projects.


A Dictionary of Ancient Egypt
Margaret Bunson
ISBN: 0195099893

It's more than a dictionary of ancient Egypt-- it's practically an encyclopedia! This book is an excellent classroom resource because it has so much information and is laid out in an easy to use format.


Pyramids: 50 Hands-On Activities to Experience Ancient Egypt
Avery Hart, Paul Mantell, Susan Williamson (Editor)

Ideas for games, food, clothing, art projects, and other creative activities to let kids explore ancient Egyptian life.



Mummies Made in Egypt
ISBN: 0064460118

Describes mummification and funeral customs.


MUMMIES A Very Peculiar History
Nathaniel Harris
ISBN: 0531152715

Overview of mummification and embalming including ancient beliefs regarding life after death, rites, rituals, and ceremonies.

Gallimard Jeunesse, Claude Delafosse, Philippe Biard
ISBN: 0590427865

The art is really nice, and like Judith Crosher's Ancient Egypt, it has several acetate overlays that let kids change the view when they flip a page.


Ancient Egypt
Robert Nicholson, Claire Watts
ISBN: 0791027287

Describes ancient life in Egypt. Many photos and illustrations on every page. Includes the story "Nut's Children," which is an Egyptian myth that attempts to explain the phases of the moon.


Ancient Egyptians
Daisy Kerr
ISBN: 0531152944

This is a nicely illustrated book all about life in ancient Egypt. The neat thing about it is that it's one of the few books I've come across that explains a lot about Egypt but at about a third grade level.



Time Traveller Book of Pharaohs & Pyramids
Tony Allan, Vivienne Henry
ISBN: 0860200841

The title is a bit misleading, because this book actually covers much more than just pharaohs and the pyramids. Every square inch of each page is colorfully illustrated and packed with information. It also includes a really good chronological synopsis of the Pharaohs, from Menes to Cleopatra.


The Awesome Egyptians (Horrible Histories)
Terry Deary, Peter Hepplewhite
ISBN: 0590031686

This is a funny book of Egyptian facts that caters to the adolescent sense of humor. For example, in the section about the treasures buried with Hetepheres, a cartoon shows a crowd of commoners watching the funeral procession. One guy says to another: "When I die all I'm likely to take is my favorite stick and my collection of interesting dung." If you want to know which pharaoh had the worst acne, you'll have to buy the book!


Gods & Pharaohs from Egyptian Mythology
Geraldine Harris
ISBN: 0872269078

Twenty-six stories from ancient Egypt recount the gods, goddesses, and pharoahs that ruled Egyptians' way of life. At the end of the book, sections on hieroglyphics and symbolism in art make this book fantastic.


How to Make a Mummy Talk
James M. Deem
ISBN: 0395624274

When I first heard of this book, the title threw me. "How to make a mummy talk? Hire a ventriloquist." But after reading it I realized that the angle of this humorous book was to present mummies as witnesses of the past which can be studied to help understand different cultures' beliefs about death.


Tales Mummies Tell
Patricia Lauber
ISBN: 0690043899

Egyptian, bog, ice, Peruvian, and other types of mummies are explained, with emphasis on Egyptian ones. Lots of info about how scientists can figure out what life was like when the mummies were alive.

Ancient Egypt
Judith Crosher
ISBN: 0670847550

Remember in the good old days, when encyclopedias always had a section that showed a human man, where you could flip pages of transparent acetate and see his insides layer by layer? Well this book is like that. There are four sections (the home, the palace, tombs, and temples) where you can view the inside of the building by turning the over the previous acetate page. That may seem like a gimmick, but this is actually a pretty good book. Lots of photos and good information.


Into the Mummy's Tomb
Nicholas Reeves
ISBN: 0590457535

This is the best kids' book about Tut that I've come across yet. Fantastic photos chronicle Howard Carter's discovery of the tomb and examination of the artifacts within. This book is out of print, but you can have hunt for it by clicking the title link above.


The Egyptian News
Scott Steedman
ISBN: 1564028739

Like The Egyptian Echo (below), this book is set up like an Egyptian newspaper, where pages have headlines like "MURDER FOILED!" (about Queen Teye plotting to kill Ramses III) and "CRAZY KING CAUSES CHAOS" (about Akhenaton). The art work is really nice, and the index at the back is pretty handy.


Mysteries of the Pyramids
Anne Millard
ISBN: 1562941941

Mostly about the pyramids, but also has information on pharaohs, hieroglyphics, funeral customs, archaeology, and non-Egyptian pyramids found throughout the rest of the world.


Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure
Lila Perl
ISBN: 0395547962

Recommend for teachers who plan on doing the unit. This book is one of the most thorough in its explanation of mummification and funerary customs. Since it's cheap, buy a few!



Amazing Facts about Ancient Egypt
James Putnam, Jeremy Pemberton
ISBN: 0810919532

Did you know that the earliest known coin-operated machine for dispensing water was recorded as existing in Egypt? You would if you had a copy of this book. It's loaded with hundreds of funny, interesting, and bizarre facts.


MUMMY (Eyewitness Books)
James Putnam
ISBN: 0679838813

You gotta love Eyewitness Books, they are so cool to look at! Several photos against a white background on every page... am I the only one to notice that everyone is copying their layout design these days? Anyway, the focus of this book is Egyptian mummies, but it also covers bog mummies, Sicilian mummies, South American mummies, and the Ice Man. There are also two other great Eyewitness books, ANCIENT EGYPT and PYRAMID.

The Egyptian Echo
Paul Dowswell
ISBN: 0746027516

Like The Egyptian News (above), this book is really neat-- it's laid out like a newspaper, complete with ads ("DEAD WORLD- for all your afterlife needs") and articles that report on different aspects of Egyptian life. Kids will love it, and adults will appreciate the subtle humor, such as a UPC code made of elongated hieroglyphics instead of those black lines. The writing style is very clever, I love this book!


Ancient Egypt (DK Pockets)
Scott Steedman
ISBN: 0789402165

Made by the people who produce the Eyewitness series, this one is pretty similar to their normal sized book "Ancient Egypt," but it's only about 3x5! It tells about the Nile, the Kingdoms, society and daily life, architecture, religion, mummies, hieroglyphics, and famous pharaohs. There's a lot of info packed into these tiny pages!



Amulets of Ancient Egypt
Carol Andrews
ISBN: 029270464X

This book gives a comprehensive account of the composition, symbolism, and protective powers of different amulets. Loaded with photographs, this has to be the best source of info if you want to know more about amulets.


A Dictionary of Ancient Egypt
Margaret Bunson
ISBN: 0195099893

It's more than a dictionary of ancient Egypt-- it's practically an encyclopedia! I can't recall many times when this book *hasn't* been helpful.


The Complete Valley of the Kings
Nicholas Reeves, Richard H. Wilkinson
ISBN: 0500050805

Zillions of photos, maps, and illustrations document the findings of the 80+ tombs in the Valley of the Kings. If you need to know anything about New Kingdom royalty, this is the book to get! I imagine that it would be helpful for people who are planning a trip to Egypt as well.


Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends
Lewis Spence
ISBN: 0486265250

This one tells some of the classic Egyptian myths, and provides lots of interesting analysis to go with them. If you find Egyptian religion interesting, you'll love this book!

The Egyptians
Cyril Aldred
ISBN: 0500273456

Egyptian places, people, resources, and religion are explained chronolgically from the Archaic Period to the Late Period. There are photos and/or illustrations on practically every other page.


Joyce L. Haynes
ISBN: 0878463623

Ancient Nubia was in the area that is now the southern part of Egypt and the northern part of the Sudan. When the Aswan High Dam was completed in 1971, many Nubian artifacts were lost forever as the Nile rose and formed Lake Nassar. The Egyptians and the Nubians shared many customs and beliefs in ancient times, and this book does a great job explaining it.


Egyptian Mummies
Carol Andrews
ISBN: 0674241525

This is definitely one of the best books about how mummies were made, the religious beliefs which lay behind this practice, the ornate coffins and sarcophagi, and the tombs and the goods placed in them. There are tons of excellent photos of mummies, coffins, canopic jars, amulets, etc.


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