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Here is a collection of articles from around the internet. I will be adding to this as I find more and if you find any please submit them. Egypt has such an interesting history!

Egyptian Worker Tombs Copied Pharaohs'

Lost Egyptian Cities Found

Archaeologists discover lost Pharaonic cities

Nile River Tombs

King Tuts Clothes Recreated

An Open Book Full of Secrets

Cleopatra's Sunken Palace

Discovering the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Discovery of Egyptian Inscriptions Indicates an Earlier Date for Origin of the Alphabet

Early Prosthesis Kept an Egyptian Looking Good in Sandals

Egypt Excavating Huge Necropolis in Western Desert

Egyptian Art The Mysterious Lure of an Old Friend

Five Wives and A Girlfriend

In an Egyptian Oasis City, Archeologists Uncover Necropolis With 10,000 Graves

In the 'Valley of the Mummies,' Revelations of a Golden Past

Making a God More Human

Satellites Explore the Hidden Wonders of Egypt

Science Q&A The Mummy's Curse

Who Began Writing Man Many Theories, Few Answers

With New Finds, Egyptology Flowers

Dr. Zahi Hawass Article

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