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Click Here to Create a Custom Cartouche of Your Name or Phrase with the Fun and Popular Hieroglyph Translator

(From the Saite Recension, ed. Lepsius, Bl. V)

Homage to thee, O thou who comest as Tem, who didst come into being to create the Company of the Gods.

Homage to thee, O thou who comest as the Soul of Souls, the Holy One in Amentet.

Homage to thee, O President of the Gods, who illuminest the Tuat with thy beauties.

Homage to thee, O thou who comest as the Light-god, who travellest in thy Disk.

Homage to thee, O thou greatest of all gods, who are crowned King in heaven, Governor in the Tuat.

Homage to thee, O thou who makest a way through the Tuat, who dost lead the way through all doors.

Homage to thee, O thou who art among the gods, who dost weigh words in Khert-Neter.

Homage to thee, O thou who dwellest in thy secret places, who dost fashion the Tuat with thy might.

Homage to thee, O great one, O mighty one, thine enemies have fallen in places where they were smitten.

Homage to thee, O thou who hast hacked the Sebau-fiends in pieces, and hast annihilated Aapep.

Grant thou the sweet breeze of the north wind to the Osiris Auf-ankh, whose word is truth.

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