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Temple of Mut

"Thebes of the North," or the "City of the North," to distinguish it from Thebes, the great city of Amen which is always referred to as the "City," par excellence. From the Egyptian word nut, "city," is derived the Biblical form :No," and the "No Amon" of Nahum iii. 8, which "was situate among "the rivers, that had the waters round about it, whose rampart :was the sea, and her wall was from the sea," can hardly be any other than the city of Amen and Mut in the Delta. Among other shrines of Mut must be mentioned Bekhen, a town in the Delta, which was probably situated in the sixth nome of Lower Egypt, the Khas, of the Egyptians, and the Gynaecopolites if the Greeks. Dr. Brugsch pointed out that the deities worshipped at Bekhen, "the Bull Osiris," Amen-Ra, Mut and Khensu, and he considered it probable that the city lay near the capitol of the nome which was called Khasut, by the Egyptians and Xois by the Greeks. Another shrine of Nut was situated at An, by which we are probably to understand the region in which Hpwwttois, or Heroopolis, lay. The district of An, according to DR, Brugsch, formed the neutral border between the South and the North, and a text quoted by him concerning it, says, When Horus and Set were dividing the country they took up their places one on one side of the boundary and the other on the other, and they agreed that the country of An should form the frontier of the country on one side of it, and that it should be the frontier of the other also."

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