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18th Dynasty


Senenmut was an official of the 18th Dynasty, and counseleor to Hatshepsut (1473-1458 B.C.). He was tutor to Princess Neferu-re' and offered support for Hatshepsut when she assumed the throne, setting aside Tuthmosis III. Senenmut was also honored for his architectural skills. He was deeply involved in the building projects of Hatshepsut, including the building of the temple at Deir El-Bahri on the western shore of the Nile at Thebes and the construction of the Karnak temple.

He amassed about 80 seperate titles as an official and as an administrator in the royal court and he worked with Hapuseneb and others to support Hatshepsut's reign. Many stories concerning Senenmut have surfaced over the years. All of the titles and favors bestowed upon him have given rise to much speculation. What is known is that Senenmut dared to attempt to link his own tomb to that of the Queen-Pharaoh. His tomb and his images were destroyed with a definite ruthlessness by the agents of Tuthmosis III, Hatshepsut's heir, who had been set aside by her claims to the throne.

When Senenmut died in the 19th year of her reign (or possibly before) Hatshepsut was left vulnerable. Contemporary portraits of Senenmut show him with a long nose and a rather cunning face. His tomb was beautifully designed and furnished. Among his funeral offerings was the body of a horse.

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